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Wine tasting is so much more than taking a few sips from a glass and swishing it around your mouth. It’s an art that employs tasting skills that are honed over time.

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Talking about wine is pretty intimidating in certain situations, like when you’re at a restaurant with a wine list in hand and the waiter’s standing next to you. Are you ready to make a decision?

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Customers who are new to wine often don't know what they want to drink. They look at the menu or stare at the bottles and pick what's obvious, what has the prettiest label, or what everyone else orders.

You can have the best products, most productive employees, and prime location for your store, but if you don’t have a good layout for your floor space, you’re cheating yourself out of some serious profit.

According to BevSpot, a self-proclaimed “all-in-one food and beverage program management software” out of Boston, “Wine...sees its highest on-premise sales in the autumn, with demand dropping off after the December holidays end.”

Throwing your first wine party? Congratulations!

DMV Distributing in Frederick, Maryland, has a few tips on how to impress your guests. From swirling and sniffing to proper food pairing, here’s how to win your friends over:

Today’s cookouts call for more than just a cooler of beer - wine and cocktails are becoming increasingly popular in backyards across the country. From grilled dishes to cool desserts and appetizers, wine and wine cocktails complete the summer menu at every backyard cookout.